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Is a luxury beauty brand with cutting-edge creativity at its core. We have built a foundation upon our dedication to our customers’ high level of satisfaction with scientifically innovative new formulas. We offer luxury brand beauty solutions designed from the highest quality ingredients to effectively deliver long lasting results our customers can feel proud of.

We believes beauty is your right. That’s why we continuously devote a vast amount of time to testing our products while researching the latest and safest ingredients that can enhance what we offer. The combinations of effective ingredients we use in each of our products have been carefully designed to deliver the best product and results possible.

We take the disciplines of art and technology and allow them to become interwoven with the beauty culture. These are the makings of a substantial beauty truth City Cosmetics holds itself accountable for as a company and as a high-end, luxury brand. While providing our customers with the best beauty solutions available, we also place a high level of importance on the following:

Your health: Potentially dangerous ingredients, inferior to high-end quality will never be found in anything we create.
Your state of mind: Beauty is derived and enhanced from purity and peace of mind. We will never jeopardize your conscience. All of our products are cruelty free; they are not tested on animals.

Our customers come first and our technological roots are strong. Our drive to improve the science of skincare for our customers has inspired our consistent research and development process. We are committed to our promise that our skincare provides you with the most effective, luxurious products possible.